The Horticulture Display Gardens at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris.

Not wanting to host their usual crowd of 2,000 people for its annual Horticulture Night program at its Display Gardens in Morris, the West Central Research and Outreach Center had to think creatively how to present a 50th year of horticulture education. The Center’s Esther Jordan told the KMRS Community Connection that they called upon experts and friends of the Gardens to provide videos of hands-on horticulture demonstrations, such as Debbie Lonnee of Bailey Nurseries talking about shrubs and perennials for Minnesota Gardens.

“Another one is on houseplants. We get a lot of questions about people that are wanting to grow and maintain successful houseplants,” said Jordan. “So Neil Anderson takes us into it looks like maybe his sunroom where he’s got a variety of his own houseplants. So, that includes anything from flowering plants, foliage, succulents, cacti. What’s the best way to keep them growing in your home? Covers things on insects and watering them and that type of thing.”

The U of M’s Gary Johnson will also speak about Best Care Practices for Young Trees, the U of M Morris food service department will provide a cooking demonstration using items you can grow in your garden, and the WCROC’s horticulture scientist Steve Poppe will lead virtual tours of the Display Garden. In addition, U of M President Joan Gabel will send along a special welcome for the Morris area. Videos will be made available beginning 5 p.m. Thursday and can be accessed at, or on the WCROC website. All videos will be available for several weeks following the event.


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