Morris Area High School, with a sign put up earlier this year for the teachers. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

In a letter to “school stakeholders,” Morris Schools Superintendent Troy Ferguson wrote that he is now expecting guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education about fall classes to be coming tomorrow. In the meantime, the district has implemented measures to follow the governor’s executive order on wearing face coverings. Staff and students will be required to wear a face covering while in school buildings or riding on school transportation vehicles. Allowable face coverings include cloth face masks, disposable masks, scarves, bandanas, religious face coverings, neck gaiters or, in some instances, face shields.

Exempt from the order are children 5 years and younger, unless they are in kindergarten, and those with a physical or mental medical condition or disability that makes it unreasonable for them to maintain a face covering. Ferguson’s letter notes that masks can be removed temporarily when students and staff are exercising (including recess), eating, drinking, singing, public speaking, playing musical instruments and receiving personal care or medical services.


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