Face masks made by Cheryl Miller of Hancock. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Two weeks ago, the Morris City Council did not want to issue any mandates about wearing face masks. Since then, Governor Walz has made it a statewide order. The city was concerned about policing such a mandate, but City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that he’s been seeing good compliance with the order by Morris residents.

“Based on everything I’m hearing, I think everybody in Morris is doing a very good job of dealing with this because I haven’t heard any problems yet,” said Hill.

Hill said the first step police may take if they see someone not in compliance with the order is to educate them and give them a warning to remind them that it is a requirement. The intention, Hill said, is to get people to wear them, not to punish people. People may be requested to remove a mask for identification purposes, such as making purchases at the Liquor Store, or being pulled over by the police.


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