At last week’s meeting of the Morris City Council, members discussed how the over $400,000 in federal CARES Act money the city will receive will be utilized. City Manger Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that the funds can be used for COVID-related reasonable expenses, but cannot be used for something that’s already in an established budget.

“Federal money always makes me nervous, and we actually got a lot more money from the federal government for the transit system,” said Hill. “So we know and understand that we’re going to have to have a federal audit of all of our expenses. And when it comes to this CARES Act money, there’s some basic rules that they have, there’s some things that aren’t really clear. But in the end, you have to satisfy the Feds. And if you don’t, then they’ll ask you for the money back. And you pretty much have nothing to say about it.”

Funds will be used for things like improving some technology, buying personal protective equipment, and providing hand sanitizer stations at places like the Liquor Store., as well as monies set aside for local businesses. Plus, the monies need to be distributed by November 15.


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