Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

The Stevens County Board of Commissioners approved a mask policy for county employees at their regular meeting on Tuesday. The policy will expire when the current Peacetime Authority orders expire, but it is based on the county’s Communicable Diseases Policy. County Coordinator Rebecca Young explained exemptions to the policy before the Board.

“Employees are required to wear alternate face coverings in all county buildings unless — so for us it was easier to give an exemptions list here then it was to give every situation where they had to wear it — they’re in an office by themselves; they’re n a room by themselves; they’re in a cubicle with a face height or higher divider, cubicle walls or plexiglass barrier,” said Young, reading from the policy.

Other exemptions to the policy include being alone in a vehicle, and having a medical condition that makes it difficult to wear a face covering.


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