Breaking up into subcommittees to tackle all the complex details, the Stevens County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved an overall plan and budgeting for distributing the nearly $1.2 million in federal CARES Act funds that the county has to deal with. County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that the policies and plans were meant to get the money out into the local community to help deal with financial impacts from the pandemic.

“Under the CARES Act, the County is allowed to reimburse themselves for money spent for response, recovery, PPE and staff time in relation to the pandemic,” explained Young. “So, even though we haven’t had a large case count here locally, we still have had to do all the same preparations that a lot of our other larger county partners that have been hit heavier have had to do. And that took a lot of staff time. So the bulk of our cost really has been buried in staff salaries.”

One chunk of money will be available for local business relief. Application for grants will be available soon and until September 1st. Businesses or non-profits will have to have a physical operation in Stevens County to be eligible. All schools in the county will also be getting a chunk of money to help them meet new health and safety guidelines ahead of the upcoming academic year.


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