U.S. Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.)

U.S. Senator Tina Smith told the KMRS Community Connection that the killing of George Floyd has opened the eyes of many Minnesotans to the challenges we have around racism and unfair and inequitable policing. She noted that President Trump’s handling of the issue has not helped move the discussion in a positive direction.

“I’m very disappointed in the way that the president has attempted to politicize this issue, rather than trying to unify us around a common purpose of making sure that we live up to the promise of our country and our Constitution, that we have true equal justice under the law,” said Smith. “That is where I think we need to be pushing. And I’ve seen such a shift in the way that Minnesotans across the state have been thinking about this and talking about this. And that gives me hope in this moment that we’re going to be able to make real progress.”

Smith said it’s an important issue to address, especially in Minnesota, as “we have some of the worst inequities in jobs, health care and opportunity of any state.”

The full interview with Senator Smith can be found on our website at kmrskkok.com, under the News tab in the Community Connection section.


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