Minnesota State GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan.

Minnesota GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan, who visited Morris last week, told the KMRS Community Connection why Republicans have concerns about voter fraud with an all mailed ballot for the November elections. She noted that Minnesota already has one of the earliest no-excuse absentee balloting systems in the country, which allows voters to request a ballot six weeks in advance of an election. That system requires a verification of identity sent in with the ballot.

“What the Democrats are proposing is that every single person would be mailed a ballot, whether or not you know if that person still lives at that address, whether or not they’ve registered to vote, whether or not if it’s someone that might have passed away recently and isn’t able to vote,” said Carnahan. “Everybody would get a ballot, and that’s where we have concerns about fraud.”

Carnahan said Republicans are not in favor of voting by mail when an absentee process is already in place.


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