Dona Greiner is the Emergency Mnagement Director for Stevens and Big Stone Counties. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Stevens County Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner told the County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday that a large cache of personal protective equipment has come into the state and county schools can soon expect a delivery of face coverings.

“There will be masks coming into the schools,” said Greiner. “They’ll be working with Service Cooperatives in each region, and those Service Cooperatives will deliver those masks to the schools, it sounds like. And what they will receive is youth cloth masks, they’ll receive one per student in Grades K-3; and adult cloth masks one per student in Grades 4-12, and one per licensed staff and one per unlicensed staff.”

Schools will also get 3 disposable masks per student in grades K-12 and 1 face shield per licensed staff. Greiner said schools can hope to see those in the next couple of weeks.


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