Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young

Leaders of a number of agencies and organizations that receive funding from Stevens County came before the Stevens County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday to make their annual requests for appropriations for the 2021 fiscal year. Those entities included the Viking Library System, Stevens Soil and Water Conservation District, Historical Society, Stevens County Fair Board, and the Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission. County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community  Connection that few organizations were seeking increased funding in a time of economic distress.

“When we started the budgeting process, we made it clear to entities and to our staff that we were looking for a zero budget levy,” Young explained. “With the uncertainty in the economy and with some of the state’s deficits for revenues that leads to uncertainty with County aid. And so we really need to be in control of our budgets and to have a very fiscally conservative (approach in the coming year). So we talked a lot about that with our partners, and I think everybody was very cognizant of where the economy is at.”

Young said what stuck out to her about the presentations from the agency heads was how they have had to change the way they deliver their services to the public because of the pandemic. For some, like the County Fair, the downtime has given them a chance to make some improvements to physical structures.


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