The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is seeking public comment through October 12 on the reissuing of a 10-year permit for the Browns Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant in Big Stone County.

The application and plans indicate that the existing Facility consists of one main lift station, 17,000 feet of 14-inch diameter force main, a three-cell stabilization pond system, and one spray irrigation site. The pond system is designed for an average wet weather design flow of 262,400 gallons per day, with a five-day biochemical oxygen demand strength of 112 milligrams per liter. [The two primary cells are 11.3 and 11.1 acres and the secondary cell is 20.1 acres, each measured at the four-foot mean operating depth. The pond system provides a total detention time of 210 days at design flow.] The spray irrigation site covers 300 acres.

The preliminary determination to reissue this Wastewater permit is tentative. There are three formal procedures for public participation in the MPCA’s consideration of this matter. Interested persons may: (1) Submit written comments on the draft permit. (2) Petition the MPCA to hold a public informational meeting. (3) Petition the MPCA to hold a contested case hearing. Details available on the MPCA website.


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