Stevens County Coordinator Rebecca Young.

While the president has railed against the Post Office and the COVID-induced growth of mail balloting for the upcoming election, Stevens County has been doing all mail balloting for a number of years in a few sections of the county. County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the KMRS Community Connection that, historically, problems with staffing polling places in the smaller townships provided the impetus for mail balloting in those areas. While mail balloting has become politicized this year, Young reiterated…

“The County perspective is, we’re trying to get everybody their right to vote, (to) encourage people to exercise that right to do so,” said Young. “We’ve had a historically good turnout in Stevens and we’d like to see that happen.”

Mail balloting is based on a population threshhold test, which is why some of the smaller townships can do it but the City of Morris cannot. Young said many people mistakenly feel there’s a big cost savings with mail balloting compared to staffing a polling station. But Young said that’s not necessarily true when you calculate all the reminders that need to be mailed to residents.


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