While planning all summer to handle three different scenarios for the start of the school year, the Morris School Board made it official at last night’s regular meeting: Morris will be starting the year with all students coming to the school building in person. Morris School Superintendent Troy Ferguson told the KMRS Community Connection that the district is prepared for what will be an unusual new year.

“I’m happy to say that the School Board authorized that we would start in Scenario I, which is face-to-face and everybody back,” said Ferguson. “And we are so excited about that, ready to go. It’s been six months since we’ve had students in the building, in school. We’re all anxious to see their smiling faces and hope that they’re as excited as we are. And in fact, we know they are.”

Students will see some changes in how things are done at the school, with physical distancing guidelines going into effect, and new policies on riding busses which will operate at half their usual capacity and wearing masks. One member of the public, Darren Carr, voiced his opposition to the mask policy during the public comment portion of the meeting. But the Board eventually decided to adopt a policy that follows the governor’s executive order.


            A new face was seen on the Morris School Board at last night’s meeting. Renee Konz was appointed to fill in the seat vacated by Mike Odello, who left the board to accept a part-time teaching position in the school’s music department. Konz was appointed because she received the next largest number of votes for school board in elections two years ago. She will now face one other candidate in a special election that will be on November’s ballot to fill the two years remaining on Odello’s seat.


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