In a ruling filed Monday, the Minnesota State Court of Appeals affirmed the decision of a Kandiyohi County District Court in the case of Robert Lee Fettig.

Fettig was charged with fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance after deputies found a bag containing methamphetamine in a vehicle in which he was a passenger. Fettig had tried to appeal his conviction by arguing that the Kandiyohi court excluded evidence of an alternative perpetrator – in this case the driver of the vehicle, a woman identified in court documents as T.W. – and that prosecutors failed to adequately prepare T.W. as a witness before she volunteered prohibited testimony.

The appeals court ruled that Fettig did not prove that T.W. was connected to the bag of meth. It also found that prosecutors  letting T.W. say on the witness stand that Fettig had a prior warrant out for his arrest did not prejudice the jury at trial.


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