Anita Liebl has served as the School Resource Officer at the Morris Area Schools. But her SRO duties may be victim to anticipated budget cuts.

It was announced at this week’s meeting of the Morris City Council that the City of Morris will put a temporary hiring freeze for the Morris Police Department after the recent departure of its newest officer. The officer had applied for a position with another department the same time as the Morris department, and decided to take that job when it was offered. But with the City facing potential budget cuts, City Manager Blaine Hill said that they will pause any new hiring and assess the situation.

With budget cuts looming from all directions, the Council also discussed the future of the School Resource Officer position at the Morris public schools. Hill indicated on the KMRS Community Connection that the position is likely on the chopping block.

“Actually, there has been pretty much a decision made that there won’t be a School Resource Officer going into this next school year,” Hill claimed. “Now, that’s a 9-month position that was partially funded by the School District, partially funded by the City of Morris. So, theoretically, that position spent most of the year in the school. So, whether or not you downsize with that position, it’s something to look at.”

With salary, benefits, and other associated expenses, the school district reportedly pays about $66,000 a year for having a resource officer.


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