Cam Erickson is executive director of the Stevens County Historical Society and Museum. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Stevens County Historical Society and Museum will hold the first of what it hopes to be a series of self-guided Walking Tours throughout the County from 5 to 7 p.m. tonight beginning at either Wells Park or the museum in Morris. Executive Director Cam Erickson told the KMRS Community Connection that this will be a stop-and-look external tour.

“So this is a stay-on-the-sidewalk tour. It’s not a walking-through-a-home tour,” said Erickson. “It’s strictly staying on public space and it’s just learning a little history about some of the folks that lived here. Mostly in the late 1800s and then right into the early 1900s.”

Brochures and maps will be provided for the tour, which are designed to be done in a 45 to 60 minute time frame. The Wurst Machers food truck will be at Wells Park for the event. Erickson said the next walking tour they are working on will take place in Hancock.


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