With the deadline for businesses and non-profits to apply for a Stevens County CARES grant ending Tuesday, County Coordinator Rebecca Young told the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Tuesday that they received 40 applications from county businesses, reflecting a tremendous amount of loss.

“It’s encouraging that the County Board is able to do something for these folks, but the amount of loss we’re seeing in the community is staggering, the amount of business loss,” said Young. “And so, this is just really a drop in the bucket to help with that. A lot of local people who have applied have gotten some of the other federal and state sources, but at the time of this writing there was over $700,000 in revenue loss.”

Of the applications received, it was noted that between 80 and 90 percent were incomplete and needed additional guidance to see the process through. A week of grace period may be given to businesses and non-profits still completing their applications.


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