Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan.

Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan and Assistant County Attorney Allison Whalen have penned a letter to the community urging citizens to abide by the health and safety guidelines as outlined in the governor’s Executive Orders. “We hold the health and well-being of our neighbors in our very hands,” they write.

“Rules and laws only mean something in a democracy when there is community buy-in,” they continue. “It is incumbent on us to remind our residents, and in particular, leaders in this community of their legal obligations when it comes to these requirements.”

The attorneys said we are all role models to someone, and detailed the punitive measures for the misdemeanor offenses for those who don’t follow the guidelines. “Regardless of how we feel or where our opinions fall, we have a legal obligation to follow the terms of the Executive Order,” they concluded. “No County Attorney in this State looks forward to prosecuting violations of the Executive Order. That said, it is well past time to take this threat seriously.”


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