Morris Area High School, with a sign put up earlier this year for the teachers. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

At least one teacher in the Morris School District is questioning the numbers being used to determine which learning model the schools will go with as we approach Tuesday’s first day of classes. Thom Howden teaches in the Morris Area High School and noted concerns he had about the time lag of data reported by the Minnesota Department of Health, which released a number of 6.13 cases per 10,000 residents in Stevens County on August 27th, reflecting a time period from August 2-15. Howden wrote to KMRS that a lot has changed since that time.

“The Minnesota School Opening Statistics website says we have 32.6 cases in a 14 day period based on data from September 2nd,” Howden wrote. If the County hits 10 active cases per 10,000 over a 14-day period, the learning model would change to a hybrid method for high schoolers. Howden said he informed the superintendent of these numbers, but has yet to receive a reply. He reiterated that he wants school to open and for students to be there, but stated he feels parents should know the most current data to make decisions involving their children.


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