John Van Kempen, WCA Cross Country Coach

Pelican Rapids Meet
PELICAN RAPIDS – The WCA Knights showed up for their second meet of the season at Pelican Rapids, Lexi Bright and Kyle Schill both won the varsity races with their entourage right behind them.

Lexi was followed by Taylor Bennett (2nd), Terina Blascyk (3rd), Alexa Blume (4th), Halle Foslien (5th), Liz Rustan (6th), Chloe Larue ( 9th) and Sydney Ulrich (10th).

Our plan was to get the girls more experience running as a pack and to hold on to the pace as long as possible so we accomplished that, winning the meet vs Pelican Rapids and Bertha Hewitt.

The boys had a similar strategy. Following Kyle was Kade Runge (2nd), Alex Salwasser (3rd), Shad Swanson (4th), Reubens Swanson (5th), Peyton Hanson (7th) and Dane Anderson (9th). The boys also won versus the competition.

We have been working hard in practice for three weeks and we have high expectations for the kids. So to actually get to see the rewards of their efforts was great in Pelican Rapids. We’ve always liked how the kids compete when the gun fires.


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