The Morris and Southwest Prairies Solar Co-op will hold an informational webinar 7 p.m. tonight at or you can Google Morris solar coop and navigate to the site. Morris Model member Eric Buchanan told KMRS that this is not a co-op in the legal sense, but a chance for those interested to join forces to get a better deal on installing a solar system.

“Usually you get a much better deal on the price, because you’re basically buying in quantity by grouping together,” said Buchanan. “But that’s the extent of the arrangement. There isn’t any fee to join the co-op. There isn’t any ongoing cost at all. It’s just really a way to come together and magnify our buying power by joining together.”

Buchanan already signed up for the co-op, which he said is a simple 2-minute process. Experts will examine your roof from Google Earth and tell if your roof is suitable for solar panels. Buchanan said nearly 40 people joined in the solar co-op’s first webinar two weeks ago.


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