Sue Granger is on the Morris Tree Board and warned about the looming devastation from the Emerald Ash Borer as it makes its way across the state. (Screenshot from a Zoom conference call by Marshall Hoffman)

Sue Granger of the Morris Tree Board spoke before the Morris City Council at their meeting Tuesday evening. Granger called trees “essential infrastructure” for their role in blocking wind, shading and cooling homes. She warned about the invasive Emerald Ash Borer, which has already taken hold in Sauk Centre.

“In Morris, one third of our canopy is ash. And some of our biggest trees are ash trees,” said Granger. “And the effect on our community when the ash borer gets here is gonna be just profound.”

Granger said the City should do what it can to prohibit the moving of firewood into and out of the city limits. She also said the City needs to plant as many trees as fast as possible, noting there are 1,000 empty planting sites in Morris but only 75 trees get planted per year. Granger also suggested that selective removal of ash trees will need to start now to allow young trees to get more light and to minimize damage when the ash borer finally does arrive in the County.

The Tree Board’s web site has a list of trees that homeowners can plant and Granger said fall is a great time to plant trees because there is no heat stress.


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