The back side of Morris Floral, in a state of disrepair. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The owner of Morris Floral spoke to the Morris City Council at their meeting on Tuesday evening and asked for more time to deal with the situation of his dilapidated building on Atlantic Avenue. Chris Melberg told the Council he wasn’t contending some of the safety concerns to the public that were brought up in a letter he received from the City.

“I have already arranged with people that said they would take the building down for me,” Melberg pleaded. “But the problem I have is that can’t be done in 10 days. I have a large area which contains my inventory from the floral. And I live there. Well, I think you all would grant me that much, that you can’t repair a building of that size with what needs to be done in 10 days.”

Council members agreed to give him until the beginning of the new year to try to find a new place for his operation and to live. They also said they appreciated his over four decades of serving the floral needs of the public and offered assistance to him in helping to secure a new business site. They also agreed that there would be regular contact for updates to the situation.


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