State Rep. Jeff Backer, one of the members of the New House Republican Caucus. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

State Representatives Jeff Backer of Browns Valley and Mary Franson of Alexandria are two of the 13 legislators led by the New House Republican Caucus that have joined with the Free Minnesota Coalition to appeal their lawsuit against Governor Tim Walz. The lawsuit, which states that Walz has exceeded his authority and violated the Constitution, was previously dismissed in Ramsey County Court. Specifically, the legislators and the Free Minnesota Coalition are appealing to the Supreme Court of Minnesota for an accelerated review of their case.

“The aim of our lawsuit is to stop the unconstitutional power grab that has taken place,” said Rep. Tim Miller of Prinsburg. “People in my district who once supported Governor Walz are now weary of his overreaching into their lives. Minnesotans need their lives back. We are an intelligent people, and it’s time Governor Walz started treating us as such.”

A Go-Fund-Me page has been set up to raise money to pay for this lawsuit against Walz.


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