Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris City Council accepted a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration at their meeting last Tuesday. City Manager Blaine Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that it was a substantial amount for the airport runway extension project.

“Yeah, it’s about $2.4 million. It’s actually to do the base work for the runway extension project,” said Hill. “So it’s Phase I, the base work. We did get our grant from the federal government. It is 100% federally-funded, which was something new. But with some of the money that was put in the Economic Stimulus Package, the airport was authorized to get 100% from the federal government.”

Riley Brothers received the bid and will start working this week. Next spring, the City will apply for the actual construction grant to do the rebuild of the runway, which will be extended by about 900 feet.


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