Former U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis is the Republican-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jason Lewis told the KMRS Community Connection that a lot of mistakes have been made with the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, in what he sees as an over-reaction to its possible spread that has left the country in economic ruins.

“The average 5-year-old school-aged child has five times the likelihood of getting sick from the flu and having serious complications than they do from COVID,” Lewis claimed. “So, why are parents trying to pay childcare bills that they don’t have because the kids have to stay at home. I just think the approach has been backwards, and I think it’s caused a lot of damage economically, mental health-wise. And I think when we look back on this, we’ll see it’s a pretty big blunder.”

He said the reason lockdown measures have continued is because they have been “hijacked for political purposes to ruin the economy and make Americans feel they’re on the wrong track and not vote for (President) Trump,” a strategy he said he rejects. The full interview with Lewis can be found on our website at, under the News tab in the Community Connection section.


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