Dona Greiner is the Emergency Mnagement Director for Stevens and Big Stone Counties. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

Emergency Management Director Dona Greiner told the Stevens County Board of Commissioners at their regular meeting on Tuesday that she has heard on the weekly leadership call she is part of about essential workers who are getting stressed as a result of the pandemic and efforts to curtail it.

“We have heard concerns from our long-term care, assisted living, day care providers, and those services who we rely on that they have been stressed and that they’re becoming overwhelmed,” reported Greiner. “So that is one reason why I’m coming before you today, to share that information with the public, (to) let them know that it is important for us to continue to mask and distance from each other, continue to wash your hands.”

The health and safety guidelines for the public are also in place to protect emergency responders like ambulance service personnel, she noted.


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