Horizon Public Health Administrator Ann Stehn.

During the special meeting of the Stevens County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, Horizon Public Health Administrator Ann Stehn detailed the difference between the reported cases of COVID-19 in Stevens County that are supplied daily by the Minnesota Department of Health and track the number of cases since the start of the pandemic, and active cases, which tell what is happening in the county right now.

“Currently, right now in Stevens County, there are 13 active cases. There’s been 87 total cases over the course of time,” said Stehn. “Those active cases, I think the easiest way to explain what that is, is those are the people that we are recommending to be home on isolation at that time. So if they’re off isolation, then they would not be considered an active case any longer.”

It was only a few days ago, she noted, that the number of active cases in Stevens County was over 30. Stehn said they continue to monitor the situation. The public can access daily updates in the county on the horizonpublichealth.org website using its Data Dashboard feature.


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