On Friday, October 23rd around 5:00 p.m. the Morris Fire Department responded to a fire at Engebretson and Sons Disposal and Recycling Service, located south of Morris, MN.

Lost in the fire other than office paperwork and equipment were two automated trucks, a roll off truck, a backhoe, and a bobcat.

Morris Fire Department had three trucks and a water tanker at the scene. Morris Fire Department Chief, Matt Solemsaas, called for mutual assistance from fire departments from Donnelly, Chokio, Cyrus, and Hancock. Also helping at the scene were the Morris Police and ambulance. The Fire Department was working the fire for 4 hours at Engebretson and Sons Disposal Service. There were no injuries reported.

Engebretson and Sons Disposal Service phones are not working. If you need to contact them please email at info@engebretsondisposal.com.


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