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Brandon-Evansville Athletics Director Trent Hintermeister gave the following press release regarding the creation of the Brandon-Evansville Athletic Hall of Fame:

Brandon-Evansville Public Schools has created an Athletic Hall of Fame, and it will be starting the school year 2021-2022. This organization will be run by a committee of 7 members who have knowledge of Charger history dating back to the first full year of Brandon-Evansville athletics in 1990-1991. To find more information and the nomination form for the Charger Hall of Fame, please visit our school website at and click on Activities & Athletics.

Mission Statement:
The B-E High School Athletic Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor B-E High School student-athletes, coaches, teams and loyal community members (athletic contributors) for their achievements and/or contributions to CHARGER nation!

  • It’s important to be known that the Hall of Fame encompasses all things Chargers (1990-present) and will only recognize Brandon-Evansville Chargers.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Athlete: An athlete may be eligible for nomination into the B-E Athletic Hall of Fame after five (5) years following graduation from B-E HS.
  • Team: A team may be eligible for nomination into the B-E Athletic Hall of Fame after five (5) years from the school year.
  • Coach: A coach may be eligible for nomination after having coached at B-E HS and being retired from coaching for at least two (2) years.
  • Sports Contributor (Fan): A sports contributor eligible for nomination is an individual who has helped to develop or foster growth of athletics in the B-E community. Any B-E supporter who has a significant impact on the athletic community may be eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process:
Nominations for consideration into the B-E Athletic Hall of Fame may be made by committee members or by public nominations. Applications for nomination will be available in the B-E High School Office or online through the B-E website.

Once nominated, nominees will be active for three (3) years. After three (3) years those not selected will be placed on an inactive list and be eligible for re-nomination.

All voting must be done by majority vote.

The numbers of inductees for each category per year are as follows:
Athletes – Up to Two (2)
Coaches – Up to One (1)
Team – Up to One (1)
Contributor – Up to One (1)

For more on the B-E Athletic Hall of Fame, listen to the interview AD Trent Hintermeister conducted with KMRS/KKOK:


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