We received a letter recently from a Looong distance listener recently…

KMRS – AM 1230 from Morris.

I am sitting here in a voluntary isolation waiting for COVID 19 to die out in the future. As it is here in my area that may take months – I am not infected but I am old and among those have great risk of infection.

So I use several hours every day on my hobby as radioenthusiast. Listening through recordings from a remote receiver far north.

The north of Norway is a very favorable location with polar nights and a short cut rout across the arctic. To pick up these very weak long-distance radio signals we used very long antennas – up to 1800 feet.

Searching around on the AM dial on the 24th last month just before midnight AM DST in Minnesota I managed to catch the signals from a music radiostation on 1230.  I attach a MP3 file where you can listen to a short recording of what my old ears apprehend as KMRS as it reach the north of Norway – just before sign off for this day and reopen at 5 AM next morning. Not exactly local quality – but… . The signal is quite weak and noisy so my advise is to use headphones when listening.

 I´m 82 years old – retired from my officer profession in the Norwegian Army Signal Corps. My last job was as commanding officer (major) of a technical workshop.

As retired I can use much more time to my radio hobby. I listen many hours each week – in sleepless nights and mornings I do tune in to the AM broadcast band to listen especially for radio stations in North America.

As many others I have a hobby – perhaps a very strange hobby (there are many ot them). I do collect identifications of US radio stations in the AM Radio Band as they are heard on air here in Norway. To make the collection complete I do need a verification from the stations telling that the recording I enclosed is correct. So – a confirmation of my reception   of AM 1230 KMRS from Morris really would make my day!

 Have a nice day

Tore B Vik

Tore B Vik,

Kirkasvn. 15

NO-1850 Mysen


Yes, Tore was listening to Dee Wevley as she was finshing her shift for the day. The recording is below.


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