After 76 years of continuously being rechartered as a unit, the David Day Morris Boy Scout Troop 467 and its related Cub Scout Pack is not planning to renew the charter when it expires at the end of January. The unit has an original charter date of 1943. Declining enrollment, school restrictions on recruiting, changing habits of young people, a lack of adults willing to lead, a stream of bad national publicity, and now a pandemic have all contributed to continually falling numbers over recent years. 

In a recent call to Scouting parents, Brenda Thomson, District Executive of the Prairie Fire District of the Northern Lights Council based in Fargo, gave the remaining Scouts a choice of joining up with a neighboring unit, such as Hancock, Starbuck or Glenwood, or continuing with an online program called ScoutPoint. Of course, if 5 students can be found in the next few months who express an interest in keeping things going, the unit can yet be re-chartered. Thomson said there are 16 units in the Prairie Fire District who are on the verge of not rechartering, a number she referred to as “crazy high.”


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