Want to help Minnesota’s forests grow healthy and strong while making some extra money at the same time? The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has an opportunity for you.

Each year, the DNR purchases tree seeds and cones from people who collect them on their property or on state forest land. Seeds are extracted from the cones at the State Forest Nursery and used for reforestation. The DNR currently needs hundreds of bushels of black spruce cones within the next few weeks to meet state and county spruce seed orders for spring 2021 reforestation efforts. Seeds from the nursery are used to reforest about 6,000 acres of black spruce in Minnesota each year. 

The DNR will direct people to where they can find black spruce cones and will purchase what people collect at $85 per bushel. Before collecting cones, people should contact one of the DNR seed buying stations for more information and instructions for collecting, handling and labeling the cones. Get the details at the Forestry Division’s Seed and Cone Collection website.


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