Morris City Manager Blaine Hill. (Photo: Marshall Hoffman)

The Morris Senior Citizens Club is going to dissolve. The announcement was made at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Morris City Council as part of Blaine Hill’s City Manager Report. Hill said he has met with the group several times and the City will take over the rest of the Morris Senior Center building that they’re occupying right now. 

“And I’ve already talked to the food program people about continuing the food program,” Hill said. “So we’ll do up an agreement with them to allow them to be in the kitchen and run the food program. And then we’ll take over rental of the building and things like that.”

The membership was down to a handful of people, who no longer wished to carry things on. Hill told the KMRS Community Connection that part of the Center’s space may be utilized by the Transportation department, currently housed in a cramped office in City Hall.


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