Cougar GameDay: Pregame Interview with Coach Marty Hoffmann

9-Man State Quarterfinals: Pregame Interview with Owls Coach Chad Christianson

Cougar Volleyball Coach Joe Sussenguth Ahead of the UMAC Championship

UMM Cougars Cross Country Coach Tony Krueger

Talking with Tigers Cross Country Coach Dale Henrich Ahead of the State Meet

Pregame with Cougars Football Coach Marty Hoffmann

Sec. 4 (9-Man) Semifinals: Pregame with Owls Coach Chad Christianson

Sec. 5AA Semifinals: Pregame with Tigers Coach Kevin Pope

Kelly Olson (B-E) & Kristi Moberg (CGB) Ahead Of 6A-South Semis

Section 6A-South Semifinals (3) Brandon-Evansville vs. (2) Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley, 7:00 in Barrett

Pregame Interviews with Steve Jipson & Tim Pattrin

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